About Us

Plusecurity belongs to Grupo Gescasi, S.L., which was born in Badajoz (Extremadura) the hands of a group of two Industrial Engineers in an effort to make available to all the latest technological innovations in different fields of application: safety, consumer electronics ...

In an era marked by excellence in performance, the objective of Gescasi Group, SL is to provide a specialized service that meets the diverse needs prioritizing always quality.
Since its inception, Grupo Gescasi, S.L. is the exclusive importer of Remock Lockey in Europe. Remock Lockey provides a complementary low cost security system, self-installing with multiple advantages that you can find on the web.
New products to meet market trends have been gradually adding, worrying about the quality and the changing needs of its customers.
It also has the means to continuously provide a wide range of products, competitive and innovative in the market, delivered with maximum speed and reliability throughout the distribution.
In summary, our work pursues 4 objectives, Innovation, Sustainability, Service and Leadership. So with us you will find the products you want, providing the best service possible.
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