Remock Lockey, the ultimate solution to theft

With the method described in this article, "Some insurance to indemnify get hit." Some insurance companies are refusing to compensate customers for this type of assault without force in the lock alleging a "bad custody of the keys'
The victims feel they have "violated their privacy" and over are required to initiate a fight with the insurance to prove that thieves entered their homes. The home insurance policies typically include housing allowances for theft, but sometimes the fine print specifies that there must be violence.

We are confident that Remock Lockey, Invisible Security Lock is a great solution to prevent thefts carried out by bumping, printing, slip, or as the last held in Valladolid and earlier in the Basque Country, by Key Magic.
Accessed the homes using a homemade tool simulating, by means of so-called 'probes', drawing the lock Borjas, and allowed to proceed to its opening without any problem. This is a system similar to that used by professional locksmiths, and a 'modus operandi' criminal 'unknown until recently in Spain. "
That way, no damage occurred or doors or locks so affected citizens could not understand how they could access their homes and in some cases, to seize spare keys, leave the door closed again with several turns of the key.
His technique is to call doorphones order to detect empty homes, for, once someone has crossed them access to the site of the farm, up to one of the upper floors of the building in which their homes are are empty and so without discomfort, proceed to open the doors, access to the interior of the house or houses and plunder, especially taking jewelry and cash.

Sources: Antena 3 News and Telegraph

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